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IFS V 7: entry into force

From when is it compulsory?


  • Announced audit: if the audit window straddles 01/07/21: the audit/evaluation will take place in the version applicable at that time, i.e. V 6.1 or V 7.
  • Non-announced audit: version 7 applies for any audit whose window starts after 01/05/21.
  • Cases of multi-site audits with audit windows straddling the implementation period of version 7: ideally, central functions should be assessed after 01/03/21 (V 7), all related sites will be assessed in V7. If this is not possible: IFS will deal with this on a case-by-case basis.

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IFS Food 8 et nouveautés

What’s new with version 6.1 ?


This new version is consolidating the latest changes which already apply as well as some new ones.

Part 1:

  • update of the Integrity Program protocol
  • incorporation of the “unannounced audit” protocol
  • update with harmonisation of the document compared to the Doctrine (July 2017)

Part 2:

  • 20.3: reformulation of the requirement
  • 2.1 (new): requirements for the prevention of Food Fraud (evaluation of Food Fraud vulnerability, plan to reduce vulnerability, revision of the evaluation at least annually and evaluation and reduction plans in the event of an increase in risks)

Part 5:

  • incorporation of the unannounced audit protocol

What is the schedule?
The new version 6.1 will come into force on 1 July 2018.

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